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condensation specialists

Condensation Specialists

We often get calls from concerned home owners worried about condensation in their homes and on their windows.  If you're worried about condensation in your home, here are our answers to some common questions we get. If you still have concerns or have another question, please feel free to call us on 01422351430.


Why is there condensation on my windows?

condensation specialists

Condensation occurs when water vapours in the air attach to your windows as the surface is a lower temperature. Some people will use dehumidifiers in their home and keep their windows open to help with ventilation and minimise the condensation, however if you find you are constantly needing to wipe down your windows then the best thing to do is to have an expert look at the situation to identify any possible permanent solutions.

Elite Damp Proofing carry out home inspections where we can assess your condensation issue and provide useful information on a remedy. 

Can condensation cause mould?

condensation mould

If your windows and walls become damp due to condensation, this can lead to a growth in mould. This is a very common side effect to condensation and you will begin to see mould growth in the corner of walls, on ceilings and near your skirting.

Mould can also appear on tiles, window sills and behind furniture where air flow is restricted. Exposure to mould can be harmful to your health, especially if you have respiratory illnesses such as Asthma.

If you are worried about mould in your home, book a home inspection with Elite Damp Proofing and we will assess the situation and confirm what solutions are available to you. 

Can I clean mould?

cleaning mould

Whilst there are many products on the market that claim to clean and get rid of mould, they are only making it disappear from the surface and won't actually remove the mould permanently. It will likely keep coming back to the surface unless it is permanently remedied.

We know it can be worrying when mould appears in your home and it is tempting to buy mould removal cleaning products to help get rid of the appearance of mould, however you will find that it continues to come back and even if you can't see it temporarily, it will still be there under the surface.

If you want to get rid of mould for good, give Elite Damp Proofing a call to book a home assessment. 

How do I prevent condensation in my house?

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As condensation is caused by poor ventilation, you can help the situation by circulating more air through your home by opening windows regularly. It is also advisable not to dry clothes on radiators and to dry them outside as much as possible. Whilst these things can help to prevent condensation in the home, you may find it difficult to keep it entirely at bay.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to condensation, you could consider damp proofing your home. Damp proofing basically consists of creating a barrier in your walls to prevent moisture entering and causing damp and condensation issues. 

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