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Damp Proofing Specialists in Halifax

Elite Damp Proofing have been in the building and damp proofing industry for the past 25 years and are proud to be based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. 

If you're looking for a damp proofing specialist in Halifax, Elite Damp Proofing can help!

Contact our team on 01422 351430 to arrange your free damp inspection. 


Damp Inspections in Halifax

Free Damp Inspection in Halifax

Elite Damp Proofing offer free damp inspections to home owners and landlords in Halifax who are worried about damp and mould in their homes. 

Our professional damp inspector will visit your home and complete a thorough check of damp, after which they will be able to confirm the best course of action to rectify the issue. 

Condensation Halifax

Condensation in Halifax

Condensation is a common occurrence in homes in Halifax. A build up of moisture from every day activities such as bathing, washing up and cooking all contribute to condensation appearing on windows.

Poor ventilation and drying clothes on radiators will also cause condensation. You may find that condensation is more noticeable in the colder months between October to March.

If you are experiencing condensation in your home, contact Elite Damp Proofing for a free damp inspection. We will assess the situation and confirm the best solutions available to you. 

     Rising Damp in Halifax

Rising Damp in Halifax

Rising Damp occurs when moisture from the ground travels up walls in homes and buildings. 

You may notice damp and tide marks on external walls and internally you may experience wet rot on floorboards, joists and timber as well as peeling wallpaper and plaster.

We have treated rising damp for homeowners across Halifax, if you are worried about rising damp in your home we can assess the situation as part of our free damp inspections and advise what the best course of action will be to fix the problem. 

PIV Units Halifax

Loft PIV Unit in Halifax

Elite Damp Proofing have installed both Wall Mounted and Loft PIV Units in homes and commercial buildings across Halifax. 

PIV Units help to improve the air quality and reduce damp and mould in homes and building by drawing out air from outside, filtering it and then circulating it inside. 

If you are looking into PIV Units or want to know more about the benefits and what it can do to help with damp and mould issues in your home or building, give our team a call on 01422 351430 to discuss further. 


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