A complete guide to PIV Units

Loft PIV Unit
Loft PIV Unit

What are PIV Units?


A PIV (Positive Input Ventilation) unit is usually installed in a loft space or can be wall mounted in properties without loft space. The system allows air to circulate around the property, providing a fresher and healthier environment. A PIV Unit will draw out air from outside, filter it and then deliver it back into the property as clean air.


Benefits of a PIV Unit


There are a host of benefits associated with a PIV Unit. Busy households can generate a lot of excess moisture that lingers in your home which can cause damp and mould issues. A PIV unit will help to eliminate those whilst also providing other benefits: 1. Gets rid of condensation issues As excess moisture builds up in your home from cooking, bathing, drying clothes and even breathing your home can begin to show signs of condensation. The excess moisture will cling to surfaces such as windows and also walls that have restricted air flow (behind furniture etc). You may start to notice condensation on windows and mould growth where the moisture is trapped. A PIV Unit will help to regulate the air and provide a damp free environment which will help to remove the risk of condensation. 2. Removes unpleasant smells If your home is suffering from damp issues, you may notice a damp or musty smell. Having fresh, filtered air circulating your property will help to get rid of any unpleasant smells from damp issues and also from cooking or other odours. 3. Helps with allergies If you have family members who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues such as Asthma, having a PIV unit will greatly improve your home's air quality and filter out pollution, dust and pollen. 4. Works throughout the entire home One PIV unit is usually enough to work throughout the entire property, the only exception being if it's a very large house where it may need more than 1 unit or a mixture of loft and wall mounted units. Typically, a standard 4 bedroom home will only require 1 unit. When you arrange your free home inspection, we will take into account the square footage of the home and provide you with a quote for a system that will work across the entire property.


FAQ's about PIV Units

Are PIV Units noisy?


When operating at normal speed, PIV units have little to no noise. You may at times need to increase the speed when there is extra moisture in the air, but even then the noise will be minimal and shouldn't be all that noticeable or distracting.


Are PIV Units cheap to run?


A PIV unit is very economical to run and doesn't consume a lot of energy. The average PIV unit will consume 5 watts of power, which works out at around 1 pence per day to run! A small price to pay for a well ventilated home.


How long does a PIV Unit take to work?


This is a common question we get from homeowners who are suffering from condensation issues and want a quick resolution. The good news is that it doesn't take long at all for a PIV unit to have a positive impact on your home and damp issues. Typically, once a PIV unit is installed it should only take a few days for you to begin to notices the positive effects. Most of our customers see a major improvement in condensation after only 1 week.


Are PIV Units any good?


We may be biased, but we would also never recommend a product to a customer if we didn't think it would resolve their issue. There are so many benefits to PIV units that it's difficult to see any reason why you wouldn't have one installed. From getting rid of condensation issues to improving your health, whilst also being cheap to run at only 1p per day - the answer is, yes PIV units are really good and you won't regret having one in your home!


What is the best PIV Unit?


At Elite Damp Proofing, we supply and fit a range of PIV units to suit your home and needs. We only supply the highest quality units and in our opinion the best on the market are the Nuaire PIV Units, Pam Ties PIV Units and Blauberg Wall Mounted PIV Units. Each of these brands have a track record in manufacturing top quality PIV units and also come with generous guarantees for extra peace of mind. We are also accredited by Pam Ties Limited and an approved contractor having completed their comprehensive damp proofing training.


How much does a PIV Unit cost?


The cost of a PIV unit to be supplied and fitted is relatively cheap in comparison to the benefits you will receive from having one installed. Prices will vary depending on the type and size of unit but as a ball park figure the lowest price we offer is £1,100 inc. VAT to supply and fit a PIV Unit in your property. This will also come with a manufacturer guarantee, which is usually around 5 years. To get a free, no-obligation quote you can call our team on 01422 351430 or email us on We cover the whole of West Yorkshire and Manchester.