Damp problems in new build homes

When we imagine mould and damp in houses we tend to think of old homes, which have perhaps deteriorated over the years, not brand new houses.

But damp issues can actually present themselves in any type of home, including new builds.

Developers are building up to 500 homes on one plot and whilst most of these homes won’t have any snagging issues, a small percent will and a common issue is damp and mould.

What causes damp in new build homes?

Damp, by definition, is unwanted moisture in your home. During the build process of new homes a lot of moisture is used, such as when the builders are concreting, laying screed floors, bricklaying, plastering and painting. This moisture can become trapped inside, due to the homes being locked up for extended periods of time.

Other reasons can be poorly installed insulation and plaster that hasn’t had enough time to dry and ends up causing damp on the surface.

The above can result in condensation as well as mould spores appearing on walls.

How to treat damp in a new build house?

If you begin to see signs of damp in your new build home, you will likely be concerned about the condition of your home and what can be done to treat it, especially if you also see mould growth on walls.

In some cases after around 18 months-2 years, your home will start to settle and “dry out” and you should then have a mould and damp free home. Unfortunately, this is not true for all houses and a large percent don’t dry out on their own, which means you will need to look into solutions to fix the problem.

Most developers will fix any issues within the first 12 months, so if you do notice any damp or mould issues during the first year in your new home you should contact them in the first instance. They will likely instruct a specialist company like Elite Damp Proofing to take a look and carry out any work if they deem it necessary.

If you begin to notice damp issues after the developer’s guarantee has expired, you may need to fund the fix yourself. We provide free damp inspections where we assess the situation and advise of what solutions are available to you.

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