Why is Basement Damp Proofing Important Ahead of Refurbishment?

The current economy has forced many homeowners to stay in their existing homes and make the most of what they have. If you are looking to make improvements to your home, one area that you could potentially be focusing on is the basement. Converting a basement provides some much needed extra space for families who would otherwise be looking to move to a bigger home, but may not be able to due to rising housing and living costs.

Usually, a basement is not utilised to its maximum potential and with the right refurbishments, it can be transformed into a comfortable entertainment room for adults and/ or children, a guest room or extra bedroom. However, before you decide to go ahead and refurbish your basement, it is important to damp proof the area.

Why Damp Proof Your Basement? Damp proofing is a long-term solution to tackle damp patches in your basement. When these patches become visible, the complete aesthetics of the area can be ruined.

Above all, rising ground water or leaking pipes can adversely affect the foundation of your home, causing it to become unstable. Furthermore, dampness allows mildew and mould to thrive, which can be potentially dangerous to your health.

Why Choose Elite Damp Proofing? If you are looking to refurbish your basement and add more value to your house, call us to damp proof your basement before proceeding. We offer a number of effective and affordable solutions, such as damp sealers and damp tanking, to eliminate dampness from your basement.

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